Therapeutic Living

Stevens' residential treatment center and special education school provides a highly structured, staff-secure, safe, therapeutic setting. The structure incorporates a daily routine that offers consistency, predictability and close supervision.

In addition to the residential treatment center and special education school, Stevens operates a group home on our main campus. The program is available as step-down for youth transitioning within our residential programs, as well as for direct referrals for appropriate youth. To assist with transitions from our residential programs, Stevens also provides community and home-based transitional services to youth and their families during these transitions.

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Health Care

The Health Department at Stevens consists of a Registered Nurse and two Health Assistants. The program Nurse provides health-care monitoring and care. Comprehensive health care services obtained from community providers are coordinated by the Health Department.

Youth at Stevens receive a well-rounded therapeutic approach. Medication consultations and psychiatric treatment are provided by our consulting psychiatrist on a consistent basis. Collaborative psychiatric care is achieved through a team approach including the psychiatrist, nurse, clinician, teacher, and behavioral support staff.

Recreation and Leisure

Promoting a positive, healthy environment that focuses on therapeutic progress through experiential learning is what makes Stevens’ program so special. Stevens has developed a well-rounded recreation program that operates on a philosophy that emphasizes youth’s physical, social and emotional development. Stevens offers a wide range of recreation and leisure programs that stimulate interest and increase self-esteem. The objectives are simple: to provide a wide variety of recreational activities; to support good health, stress reduction, and building positive self-concepts; to teach and broaden experiences, and to promote sportsmanship and fair play.

The campus setting includes a spacious ball field that youth participate in any number of sports and recreational programs, basketball, tennis and volleyball courts, and a full size gymnasium. A campus pond provides a fishing venue for students to enjoy and where educational activities are conducted. Some of the activities youth experience include:

• Baseball • Computers • Yoga
• Tennis • Movies • Hiking
• Soccer • Ping Pong • Fishing
• Track • Pool Table • Music
• Volleyball • Board Games • Painting
• Video Games • Arts & Crafts  


Staff is assigned to youth when a youth is accepted into the program.  Advocates are responsible for orienting the youth to every aspect of the program.  Advocates play a key role in implementing and monitoring individual, educational and treatment plans. Youth receive a student handbook outlining program rules and expectations, which are reviewed with his assigned advocate.

Core Value: A DIVERSE board and staff make the Stevens COMMUNITY a richer, more productive place to live and work.

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