Clinical Services

Therapeutic services at Stevens are grounded in the Attachment, Regulation and Competence (ARC) trauma-informed framework. Clinical services are provided by master’s level clinicians who use an individualized, strengths-based, cognitive behavioral therapy approach.


The clinician works closely with the youth and his treatment team to assess the youth’s treatment needs, which includes the completion of evidence-based standardized assessments. The clinician conducts a thorough review of all prior assessments and historical documents, as well as consultation with the youth, his family, and previous treatment providers. This process results in a Comprehensive Assessment that includes a summary of the youth’s history, data from evidence-based standardized assessment tools, the identification of youth and family strengths, a clinical formulation and diagnosis, and the identification of individualized treatment needs. Based on these needs, measurable treatment goals are generated along with goal objectives and desired outcomes. This becomes the basis for the youth’s on-going Comprehensive Treatment Plan, the essential living document used to coordinate, monitor, and adjust treatment throughout the remainder of the youth’s stay.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on helping the youth reach his treatment goals by stabilizing his behaviors, gaining coping and self-management skills, processing his trauma history, increasing his self-esteem, strengthening his family and community relationships, and fostering hope for a successful future. The clinician provides support and guidance through treatment, focusing on the youth’s identified needs and goal objectives.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is a critical part of our program. The following groups are offered:

Sexual Behavior Treatment Communication/Social Skills
Fire Behavior Treatment Empathy Development
Human Sexuality Education Anger Management
Substance Abuse Prevention Foundation Tools
Arts and Sensory Skills Applying Treatment To Everyday Life
Healthy Relationships    

Family Therapy

Family support and involvement is a vital part of treatment at Stevens Treatment Programs. Family therapy is provided biweekly by a master’s level clinician and is offered at times that are convenient to for the family, including evenings and every other Saturday. For families living far away, family therapy, as well as family visits can be conducted via videoconferencing or phone. Family therapy sessions begins with a family assessment followed by the development of a family therapy contract identifying strengths, needs, and goals. To help support (promote may be a better word than support?) the youth’s success, Stevens provides parents and guardians with periodic family workshops that include information and tools to help them prepare for their child’s return to the community. The curriculum covers guardian-specific topics such as understanding why children engage in inappropriate behaviors, as well as exploring supervision challenges.

Other Services

Medication consultations and psychiatric evaluations are provided by our consulting psychiatrist. Psychological testing and evaluations are available through a consulting psychologist. Treatment plan reviews are conducted on a quarterly basis. 

Medical services are provided on campus by a registered school nurse. Services obtained from community health care providers are also coordinated by the nurse.

Stevens also has available intensive community and home-based services to assist youth and families during transitions from our residential programs.

Core Value: A SAFE and caring environment is a necessity for client behavioral change.

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