Campus and Community-Based Group Home Programs

In addition to the Residential Treatment Center and Special Education School, Stevens operates a group home program on our main campus. This program is a step-down for youth transitioning within our residential programs, and when appropriate, for direct referrals. The campus-based Intensive Group Home program maintains a staffing ratio of 1:3.

Intensive Group Home

Stevens' Intensive Group Home program is located on our twenty-six acre residential campus in Swansea, Massachusetts. The facilities are staff-secure, operate year-round, 24 hours a day, seven-days a week. Stevens has an extensive history as a leader in the field of specialized residential treatment for adolescent males with serious conduct, behavioral and emotional disorders; thereby enabling us to treat adolescents struggling with a wide range of issues and specialize in work with those who display high-risk behaviors (including firesetting and inappropriate sexual behaviors). The program is available as step-down for youth leaving our residential treatment program, and for direct referrals for appropriate youth. Youth appropriate for our Intensive Group Home include:

Males between the ages of 14 and 22 (16-22 for pre-independent living)
Adolescents in need of specialized, staff-secure therapeutic residential treatment
Adolescents with a history of fire setting
Adolescents with a history of a range of sexual behavior problems from trauma reactive to sexual offending
Adolescents with a history of other serious behavior problems, often the manifestation of complex traumatic histories
Adolescents receiving educational services provided or funded by public school systems

Every youth and their family is provided with services that have proven to be essential to the safe and therapeutic care of adolescents. These services include:

Comprehensive assessments and screenings completed by trained practitioners to facilitate treatment planning, including comprehensive assessments, family assessments, trauma screenings, educational assessments, medical assessments, sexual behavior assessments, and firesetters assessments (if applicable).
Masters-level clinicians for individual therapy, family therapy, group therapy and case management
Behavior Specialist Advocate to assist with case management and ensure that the youth’s needs are being met daily
Comprehensive community-based health and wellness services coordinated by the program Registered Nurse
Psychiatric services for medication management
An individualized trauma-focused, strengths based treatment plan with clearly delineated goals that will allow the family and youth to continually assess progress in the program
Safe, staff-secure units and twenty-four-hour awake staff supervision (1:3 staff to resident ratio)
Electronic surveillance, including motion-detectors in bedrooms, and closed-circuit video in residential common areas
Experienced staff trained in trauma-focused, strengths-based behavior management that emphasizes the development of adaptive social skills and self-regulation techniques
Participation in an array of psycho-educational groups focused on skill development ranging from anger management, problem solving and empathy development to Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA) and life-skills practice
Specialized treatment groups focused on sexual behavior problems, firesetting, and trauma
A therapeutic environment that invites and welcomes family participation in all aspects of treatment

Partnership with youth and families is an essential component of quality treatment and meaningful organizational development.

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