Stevens’ short-term assessment provides adolescents with a comprehensive evaluation designed to determine their appropriate level-of-care, behavioral health needs and recommended interventions.

How We Can Help

The following expert assessments are available:
• Clinical Assessment
• Family Assessment
• Medical Assessment
• Educational Assessment
• Risk Assessments

Depending on the youth’s needs, these evaluations are completed within 45 to 60 days. Once we have completed the evaluation, our team presents a comprehensive written report that includes treatment recommendations. We work with you to develop a plan for community-based services or other placement options. The Short-term Assessment lets you make an informed decision and directs your client toward the most appropriate services.

Expert Analysis

We surround the youth with experts in every field to ensure an in-depth and accurate assessment so you can be confident when planning the next steps. Our state-of-the-art facility ensures clients’ safety in a comfortable setting that encourages youth to focus on their treatment.

Smooth Transition

When considering admission, we can screen youth at our location, over video, or at another specified location. Once the evaluation begins, our teaching staff coordinate lesson plans and maintain a portfolio of the youth’s work to ensure a smooth re-entry into academic life. We also work with follow-up providers to ensure they have the necessary information and a complete understanding of the youth’s needs.


Stevens Treatment Programs provides recommendations for goals and an action plan in order to support youth’s progress and independence.

A Profile of the Comprehensive Short Term Evaluation

Clinical assessments focus on a thorough youth history, identifying problem areas, and making appropriate treatment recommendations.
Family Assessments include an identification of family problems, strengths, and corresponding treatment recommendations.
Youth are assessed on their ability to apply strengths to effectively utilize individual, group and family therapy services.
Medical and psychiatric services assess the need for medical intervention or additional evaluative testing.
Educational Assessments produce a description of learning styles, student strengths and academic ability, and identify areas of deficits
Functional Behavioral Assessments identify common behavioral problems, the level of aggressive actions, social skills and the quality of relationships.
Evaluative Reports include sexual behavior assessments and fire setter assessments.
The Assessment Program culminates in a diagnostic formulation that focuses on the level of functioning of the youth and his family. Recommendations for further intervention are made by the diagnostic team.

Download PDF version of our Short-Term Evaluation Brochure

“My area manager, supervisor, and myself were impressed with the diagnostic evaluation - very comprehensive.” - Professional Community

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