Helping a youth with firesetting behaviors challenges everyone involved: the youth, his family, and the community.

Stevens Treatment Programs can help youth gain an understanding of the roots of their problematic behavior, process any history of trauma which may be a leading factor in firesetting behaviors, and learn new coping skills to be able to live safely and successfully within their home and community.

How the Program Works

While every case is different, the following process outlines the major milestones of treatment:

Comprehensive firesetter’s assessment using the FRAT-Y assessment tool
Engagement in a series of specialized fire treatment curriculums that meet specific needs
Firesetting and co-occurring issues are addressed in weekly individual therapy
Participation in skill-building groups including anger management, empathy development, problem solving, and communication and social-skills development.

Our milieu staff are trained to understand a variety of behavioral issues, including those related to firesetting behavior. The youth benefits from the most appropriate treatment, supervision and instruction.

Fire Treatment Groups

Stevens provides comprehensive treatment for youth with histories of inappropriate use of combustibles and/or firesetting. Depending upon their behavioral history, presentation, and an assessment or their needs, a youth’s treatment consists of a series of group curriculums. These groups are designed to help the youth learn about fire safety; gain an understanding of the issues underlying his behaviors; and learn a new set of coping strategies and life skills to help him manage himself in a safe and healthy manner upon his return to his home and community.

Successful progression through the topics is designed to help reduce the youth’s risk for future firesetting behaviors.

Family Education Workshop

To help support the success of youth, Stevens provides parents and guardians with information and tools to help them prepare for their child’s return to the community. The curriculum, developed by Stevens and provided in a workshop format, covers guardian-specific topics such as understanding why children engage in inappropriate use of fire, supervision challenges, and fire safety.

Download PDF version of our Fire Setter Brochure

Predictability, routine and clear expectations help youth
reach their goals and feel safe.

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