Stevens provides comprehensive treatment for youth with histories of problem sexual behaviors. Adults in their lives often feel uncertain of how best to address these behaviors. Stevens Treatment Programs offers a comprehensive treatment program that focuses on a range of sexualized behavior problems, from trauma reactive to sexual offending.

How the Program Works

When an adolescent enters the program, a Masterís level clinician works with the youth and their family to complete a sexual behaviors assessment using the J-SOAP-II, unless one has recently been completed. The assessment examines patterns of behaviors, contributing factors to the sexual behaviors, and indicators for risk. The completed assessment helps to tailor a treatment program best suited to the adolescentís needs.

Clinicians use a trauma-informed, strengths-based cognitive behavioral therapy approach. Components of treatment include, processing trauma history, learning coping skills, exploring the roots of the inappropriate sexual behaviors, gaining an understanding of age-appropriate sexual behavior, exploring empathy development, and learning appropriate social skills.

All residents receive weekly, individual therapy from a clinician who has been specially trained to treat adolescents with sexual behavior problems. In individual therapy, we encourage the adolescent to examine his life honestly and to explore the origins of his sexual behaviors. We ask him to complete a series of specially designed therapeutic assignments that address his identified needs and help him reach his treatment goals.

Stevens Treatment Program is committed to providing state-of-the-art treatment to youth with the overall goal of increasing their potential for a successful adult life.

Family Workshop

To help support the success of youth, Stevens provides parents and guardians with information and tools to help them prepare for their childís return to the community. The curriculum, developed by Stevens and provided in a workshop format, covers guardian-specific topics such as understanding why children engage in inappropriate sexual behaviors, and supervision challenges.

Conclusion and Integration

Toward the end of treatment, Stevens provides a sexual behaviors re-assessment to evaluate the adolescentís level of success within the program and to make future treatment recommendations.

Download PDF version of our Sexual Behavior Problems Brochure

ďThe staff at Stevens are extremely patient, firm and consistent with our son. I believe that he feels safe there and trusts the adults who counsel and supervise him on a daily basis. I believe Stevens Home to be a place where our son can get in touch with his feelings, open his heart and blossom as a person."

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