Educational Services

The Brayton Learning Center, located on our main campus, offers an educational setting intended to help youth make academic and behavioral progress.  Youth receive a customized education that allows them to meet the educational requirements of their school district and reach their learning potential.

The curriculum is designed to provide innovative instruction aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. It is also designed to accommodate the implementation of students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Additionally, the curriculum is aligned with youths’ goals and is structured to help build social and life skills. Instruction is held in small classrooms with a 2:9 staff to student ratio. The following core subjects are taught:

• English Language Arts
• Mathematics
• History/Social Studies
• Science/Technology

Enrichment Courses

Youth receive instruction in a career education, physical education experiential lessons and study/organization skills, further enriching their educational experience. 

Pre-Vocational Curriculum

Rounding-out the academic program is our pre-vocational curriculum.  These courses will assist youth in developing work skills and appropriate work ethics.  Youth have the opportunity to practice skills learned while performing hands-on activities, preparing them for future employment and real life experiences. Courses rotate quarterly and run on an average of 10 weeks. Some of the courses that may be offered throughout the year are as follows:

• Small business
• Landscaping
• Music
• Woodshop
• Visual arts
• Movie production
• Photography
• Technology
• Performing arts
• Culinary arts

Library and Media Center

Stevens school library and media center are located on our main campus. The library has numerous selections for youths reading enjoyment. Students are able to select reading books and/or audio books for their reading and listening enjoyment. 

The media center includes a computer lab with state of the art equipment. Students have an opportunity to use the center several times each week, to work on assigned projects, and to improve upon their technology skills.

Summer School Program

Academic subjects taught during the summer months can either continue exploring the general curriculum content that was taught during the regular school year or consist of courses designed to enrich youths’ knowledge of a timely topic within a discipline. Examples of the latter would be teaching an Earth and Space Science unit to coincide with a comet’s arrival or a NASA project and teaching a Civics unit during a presidential election year.

Nonacademic courses during the summer session include skills in individual sports (ex: tennis, softball, basketball, volleyball) as well as visual arts and music.  Eligible youth may participate in off-campus experiences such as field trips to museums, zoo’s, canoeing and hiking.

Additional Services

It is our goal that students leave Stevens with the functional skills to be life-long learners and be able to transition successfully into a community, educational or vocational setting. The educational programs enable youth to progress at a rate that allows the greatest opportunity for academic success.  Youth earn educational credits, which are transferable to their home schools.  Youth are able to graduate and earn their high school diplomas.

Special Events

Throughout the school year and summer program, youth participate in a number of fun events, which include:  a science fair, talent show, camp day, a graduation ceremony, a holiday play, to name a few.

Stevens Bullying Prevention and Intervention
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Core Value: A LEARNING community is the pursuit and acquisition of knowledge, an ongoing process required of clients, board members, and staff.

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