For any of our residential programs, Stevens has a rolling admissions policy so a state agency, school district, independent education consultant or out-of-state medical, mental health, or social services agency of a youth may refer at any time. Stevens accepts youths who will be able to integrate into our program and who will benefit from the enhanced educational and therapeutic services we provide. Due to the serious nature of the issues that result in referrals to Stevens, our referral and admission process can move as quickly as needed to accommodate the referring agency.

Admission to any of our programs is facilitated by a thorough exchange of information about the prospective youth. Staff reviews the adolescent's history, family history, Individual Education Plan, psychiatric, psychological and educational assessments and medical and educational records to determine if placement is appropriate. Youths may be interviewed at Stevens or in their current setting.

To facilitate the screening process, referral sources are asked to provide (if available) the following written information as part of the initial referral packet:

Current Psychological Evaluation Medical & medication history including immunizations
Current Psychiatric Evaluation Neurological Evaluations, if applicable
Psychosocial Evaluations Education history, including academic level
Behavioral Data Current IEP, if applicable
Fire Setting Assessment, if applicable Identification of Funding Agencies
Sexual Behavior Assessment, if applicable Guardianship/Custody status
Police/Court Reports, if applicable    
Trauma Assessments    

If an adolescent is currently in a treatment facility, or has recently been in a treatment facility, the following information will also be helpful:

• Current Progress Reports
• Most Recent Treatment Plan

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